Special session 1


Innovations in Behavioral and Psychophysiological Methods for Immersive Media Experience Assessment


Tiago H. Falk and Niall Murray

Motivation and objectives

As emphasized in the QUALINET White Paper on Definitions of Immersive Media Experience (IMEx), there are three strands of assessment methods when dealing with immersive media experiences (IMEx): subjective, behavioral, and psycho-physiological. While numerous questionnaires have been proposed over the years to assess subjective IMEx factors such as perception of immersion, presence, cybersickness, and overall experience, fewer works have engaged in behavioral and psycho-physiological assessment methods. This Special Session proposes to bring together researchers working on real-time assessment of IMEX and IMEX related human influential factors using a variety and/or combination of behavioral and psycho-physiological metrics. Proposed works will rely on combinations of wearable devices, eye trackers, motion sensors, posture tracking, and voice recognition, to name a few technological devices, to monitor IMEx and its related primitives, such as presence, flow, immersion, and cybersickness. This interdisciplinary Special Session should attract papers from multiple disciplines, ranging from engineering, to psychology, to neuroergonomics.

ยฉ QoMEX 2021