Special sessions

Approved special sessions


  1. “Innovations in Behavioral and Psychophysiological Methods for Immersive Media Experience Assessment” by Tiago H. Falk and Niall Murray
  2. “Considering Diversity and Ensuring Accessibility in Experience-based research” by Andreas Sackl, Julia Himmelsbach, and Katrien de Moor
  3. “Quality and User Experience in Extended Reality” by Tanja Kojiฤ‡, Georg Regal, Jan-Niklas Voigt-Antons, and Franca Garzotto
  4. “Crowd-sourced and Remote User Studies for Quality of Experience and Usability Research” by Babak Naderi and Matthias Hirth
  5. “Interactive Applications and Games” by Steven Schmidt, Florian Metzger, and Matthias Hirth
ยฉ QoMEX 2021